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Numbers Matter is a small business consulting firm that specializes in QuickBooks and understands the small to mid-size business community.


Clients not only need to be set up and trained properly, but need their business records
set up to comply with applicable local, federal, and state tax laws, along with accurate reporting that can help a business better understand how to sustain and grow their business. Numbers Matter steps in with support in a variety of areas: accounting records, consultation services, business advice, QuickBooks setup, one-on-one training, and more. What this means for you is being able to rely on professionals who are only an email
or phone call away to help you keep your business functioning without delays, costly
mistakes, or downtime.


Vicki Jewell, founder of Numbers Matter, was employed by several design agencies throughout her career. Working for one of the largest agencies in Silicon Valley for 10 years, Vicki was VP of Operations and Finance of this privately held company, and subsequently founded her own design and production agency which operated successfully for 6 years. QuickBooks was used exclusively in both running and understanding the financials of the businesses, and had a significant impact on the business direction forged by these businesses. She launched Numbers Matter consulting business with the understanding that business owners are very busy and that good financial recordkeeping is essential. She continually reiterates that: “We know what you are trying to achieve and take pride in developing client relationships, not just doing the books. We strive to see our clients getting value from both the services we provide, and from the way we provide them.”